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With an eye for detail, a focus on alignment and precision Geralyn tailors every session to you, whether private, duet or trio.

Spine & Soul studio space is dedicated to enhancing your life.  The intention in every class is to bring you closer to your true form.  Learn what the "core" really means, how to access deep axial strength and flexibility. Gain clarity and learn how to apply the core principles of movement in your daily life.  Spine & Soul sessions are a blend of  Pilates and its mastery of core stability and joint mobility and the Surfset board that tunes up our sense of balance. and the non-impact.  Sessions are about the quality of the movement not the quantity of reps. Geralyn is completely dedicated to her client and seizes every opportunity to improve conscious movement.

Our studio is a private, personal space dedicated to giving you undivided attention and to bring a deeper sense of wellness to your life.

Spine & Soul, your movement spa.

Geralyn's skilled use of allegory leads to personal insight for every client at the time they are ready to receive it, her patience is unlimited.  Geralyn's intention to add value her clients lives drives through ever session.

Movement Spa


Treat your body to strong, gentle movement conscious of the role movement plays in the health of your organs.  Gone are the days of endless reps and going to the gym to work your arms or legs.  Our movement spa challenges you to work from the inside out. Spine-centric movement brings awareness to the torso first and then extends strength and movement to the limbs.   Every move is designed to increase stability, flexibly and tone.  A guiding principle is to lengthen your body to strengthen your body.  




Core awareness, core strength and core stability is the Pilates trinity.  Get a better understanding of your core and inner self, as you "lengthen to strengthen" your body and develop conscious awareness of movement.  Pilates works from the inside out - from the small stabilizers muscles to the big mover muscles all the while nourishing your fascia.

In Praise of the Pelvis


Ageing does not mean dysfunction.  Get acquainted with our inner design and visualize muscle direction with a model female pelvis. Learn how to breathe into the pelvic floor. Ward off incontinence, dryness, tightness, prolapse and discomfort.  Praise you pelvis, our body's most sacred space.

In Praise of the Pelvis Workshop

Saturday, May 20th, 2017    12:30-2:30pm   $50.00

Why? Becuase you are worth it!

please call 917.880.7666 to register



All levels Pilates private/duet sessions booked by appointment only


Tuesday morning mat with Kathryn @ 9:30am

Walk-ins welcome $20/class

 * Please bring your own mat


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