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Geralyn is a founding member of the Fascia Research Society and founder of the cutting edge, integrative movement awareness method, Fascialates. Conscious of the importance of Connective tissue ( fascia), trained in fascial manipulation, pilates and yoga, Geralyn has studied with Kelly Kane, Dr. Antonio Stecco, Tom Myers, Liz Koch, Dr Ray Long and other leading experts in the movement field.  With over twenty years of practice and training Geralyn annually participates in gross anatomy workshops and scientific conferences to deepen her knowledge and add value to her work.  


Our Philosophy is simple. Our body is all connected.  Movement is to be a fluid, dynamic, connective tissue conscious, long spine conscious approach. Awareness is key to clarity.


                                                                                 Spine & Soul Learning Studio presents:

IN PRAISE OF THE PELVIS, A PELVIC WELLNESS WORKSHOP,    Saturday, May 20th 12:30 - 2:30pm


Fascialates is bio-intelligent and goes beyond bones and muscles.  

Initial focus on the axial skeleton adds value to "working out" one's arms and legs; the appendicular skeleton. Getting to that deep level where true sensing and connectivity lie is the work of Fascialates.  Increased tensegrity and connective tissue awareness enhances spine safety, balance, stability and flexibility. The eyes lead the spine and the breath elongates it. 

Fascialates is all about seeing the "fashion" of the body; the seams, the lines, the form, the texture, the movement - the beauty!!  > Learn More


The Geralyn Experience


Geralyn has infused Spine & Soul with her passion to create a space for others and through movement release the human spirit. Individualized attention underlines Geralyn's alignment/balancing skill and insight.

Decades of extracurricular study and practice of pilates and yoga underscores Geralyn's ability to foster self-awareness and expansion for each and every client.

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Engaging the whole body system


Learn how to "exercise" for a whole body perspective - not an arms - leg workout! Make an appointment with Geralyn a movement expert,  as she simplifies the cutting edge concept of fascial awareness.  A general overview will offer insight into the world of fascia, explore fascial lines and explain fascial function.  The value of understanding this important and long overlooked body matrix will astound everyone.  > Contact Geralyn


In Praise of the Pelvis Workshop



The center of our body's gravity.  The basis of our stability.  The home of life beginning. And often, the least nurtured and most neglected part of the body - our beautiful, precious pelvis.  > Learn More

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